Well, it’s been a long, convoluted journey through several decades of the rock music scene, but here I am in 2012 at Addison Sound putting the final polish on my new CD of original tunes, NEW LIFE STORY.

This newest musical offering is a departure from the big rock sound of the 1980s, and has been described as “singer/songwriter with an electric tinge.”

I hope you enjoy the music

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CD New Life Story

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The LMF Album Review

New Life Story

Striped down from his big sound of ’80′s, Tepper still gets your toes tapping from the opening strums of the acoustic guitar and simple beat of the drums with Nothing Gets Me High, the album’s first track. As the lyrics state, ‘It’s the start of the day, a beautiful day’, you sit back and enjoy the ride that Robert is about to take you on. New Life Story is comprised of 11 songs which each take their turn in taking you on a journey... [Read Full Review]